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Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 11 2022 Update

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Today, the Windows 11 2022 Update rolls out in 190+ countries. The way we work, learn, and live has changed significantly over the past few years as a result of the PC’s increasing importance in our daily life. Due to their efficiency and ease, online possibilities for meetings, appointments, daily work, and entertainment that did not previously exist have evolved. We developed new habits, and they persisted. We are now inherently more emotionally connected than ever thanks to the PC.

With 921 password attacks occurring per second, the fast shift to more flexible work and life has also significantly raised security dangers for both individuals and enterprises.

When Windows 11 was released last year, we updated the PC to make it faster and simpler for you to complete the tasks you rely on your PCs for the most. To keep you safe, we enhanced the default security features in Windows at work and at home. With Windows 365, we also took Windows to the cloud, enabling businesses to stream the entire Windows experience on any device. Windows is more widely used, and users are using their computers longer. The team and I am humbled and energised by the fact that Windows 11 is the most popular and widely used version of Windows ever.

We never stop working to ensure that Windows changes and accommodates your needs. With our first significant upgrade to Windows 11, we are moving forward and concentrating our innovation in four critical areas to simplify your daily life.

Making the PC easier and safer to use for everyone

With its user-friendly design, Windows 11 gave PCs a sense of ease. On top of that foundation, we’re adding new features to make sure you always have access to the content and information you require. These features include updates to the Start menu, quicker and more precise search, Quick Settings, improved local and current events coverage in your Widgets board, and the feature that you requested most frequently: tabs in File Explorer1. Windows can anticipate your needs and save you time thanks to all of this.

Each of us may be empowered by technology, which can break down boundaries, encourage participation, and foster connections. With this version, we are keeping our promise to make Windows usable by everyone, which nearly 1 in 5 individuals benefit from on a PC. We will release a number of new accessibility features, such as Natural Voices for Narrator2, which more closely imitates natural speech and produces more pleasant-sounding audio to support reading or web browsing, system wide live captions2, which automatically generate captions from any type of audio content on Windows 11, and voice access (preview)2.

For people and their families, the three biggest concerns are online safety, data privacy, and security. The most secure version of Windows to date is 11. Microsoft’s comprehensive security solutions are informed by more than 43 trillion security signals every day. Now that Smart Software control3 has been introduced, you can confidently and worry-free download any app you require. The Defender software was created specifically for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers because we are aware that security risks don’t end when you shut down your laptop. The built-in security of Windows is expanded by Microsoft Defender for individuals, and device protection is extended to your Android and iOS phones as well as Macs. As part of their Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription, Microsoft 365 subscribers in the US will soon receive identity theft monitoring to help keep their personal information and that of their families secure online.

Empowering people to be more productive

People have traditionally relied on their personal computers to do jobs, especially more difficult ones. The new Windows 11 2022 update will help you be your most productive yet with improvements to Snap layouts, the new Focus feature, and performance and battery optimizations.

Snap layouts in Windows 11 have revolutionised multitasking by allowing users to maximise their view when they need to have several apps or documents open at once. With the latest release, we’re giving Snap layouts more flexibility, improving touch navigation, and enabling Microsoft Edge users to snap multiple browser tabs.

We’re introducing Focus sessions and Do Not Disturb to make it easier for you to cut down on interruptions that cause you to divert from your current job. Windows will enable Do Not Disturb, which silences notifications, as you begin a new focus session. It will also disable taskbar badges and programme notifications on your taskbar. Additionally, Focus is linked with the Clock App, starting a countdown to aid concentration and even prompting you to take breaks.

Making Windows the best place to connect, create and play

Our clients, you, tell us that you’re utilising your PC for a greater variety of purposes than ever before. In order to connect, express oneself, and play more, more individuals are using PCs for communication, creative, and gaming. With this update, we’ve included features that will improve those experiences even more, including Windows Studio Effects4 to enhance video and audio calls, new creation tools, more gaming features, and improvements to the Microsoft Store interface.

Video chats have evolved into one of the fundamental functions that define the PC, from work to community events to interacting with friends and family. Advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-powered new Windows Studio camera and audio effects help you look and sound your best on conference calls. These effects include Voice Focus to block out background noise and ensure you are heard, Background Blur to ensure only you are seen, Eye Contact to help you connect with others more effectively, and Automatic Framing to keep the camera following you as you move.

People are producing more creative content on Windows, particularly video, as the creator economy expands. By adding Clipchamp as an inbox programme to Windows 11 with this update, we hope to make video editing enjoyable and straightforward for you by providing templates, effects, and other features.

Delivering added security, management and flexibility to the workplace

The PC is the most effective productivity tool available to modern workers. We are aware that enterprises want the capabilities to manage multiple Windows endpoints efficiently and securely, regardless of where their employees are located, in order to maintain employee productivity and engagement. The new Windows 11 2022 Update offers the very crucial new security features and new management tools for improved IT efficiency to meet the demands of an increasingly complex environment.

Layers of hardware and software are integrated into Windows 11 for strong, out-of-the-box security from the minute you turn on your device, and we’re always coming up with new features. The brand-new Microsoft Defender SmartScreen notifies users when they enter their Microsoft login credentials into dangerous software or a compromised website. In order for devices with presence sensors to operate with Windows Hello to securely log you in when you approach and lock your device when you depart, we added a presence sensing optional feature to Windows Hello for Business. Additionally, if you work in IT, you can use remote assistance to offer safe, timely support through the cloud.

In addition, Smart App Control is a useful feature for companies of all sizes. Smart App Control prevents the execution of harmful macros, script files, and untrusted or unsigned programmes on Windows 11 and is available on new Windows 11 devices or with clean installations of the Windows 11 Update 2022. As a consequence, your staff may utilise the tools they require and want, and you can rest easy knowing your business is secure. Smart App Control, which is based on the same artificial intelligence as Windows Defender Application Control, may anticipate an app’s safety in real-time before it is installed on your device. This is a fantastic option for businesses who have not yet implemented an MDM programme like Microsoft Intune.


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