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How to Permanently Erase Data and Settings From iPhone Storage

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How to Permanently Erase Data and Settings From iPhone Storage: Your data is not truly permanently deleted when you delete it from your iPhone. The iPhone storage still contains the information you thought you had deleted from the Apple device. Before exchanging it for a newer model or giving it to someone, it is usually safer to make sure that all of your data, whether personal and otherwise, has been completely deleted. You may ensure that your phone is devoid of any of your data by permanently deleting all of your material and settings from the storage.

Apple offers two options for permanently erasing all of your data. Either you can delete all of the data and settings from your iPhone using a Mac or Windows computer, or you can do it manually.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to completely delete your data from your iPhone.

How To Permanently Erase Data From iPhone Storage

One method of deleting data is manually. However, it can be quickly retrieved using recovery software or iPhone capabilities like restore “Recently Deleted.”

Apple then advises wiping the iOS device’s settings and content. It works well because the removed information cannot be accessed directly on your iPhone. However, this also leaves some of your data on the iPhone storage.

Therefore, professional erasure software should be employed to permanently clean iPhone. The iPhone data erasure programme overwrites every piece of data on your iPhone storage, erasing it entirely and rendering it unrecoverable.

You can follow the given steps to wipe out the data using your iPhone.

STEP 1: Open your iPhone and go to settings.

STEP 2: Click on the General button.

STEP 3: Now, choose the transfer or reset button on your iPhone.

STEP 4: Now, tap erase all content and settings.

How to erase data using Mac

STEP 1: Connect your iPhone and computer with a cable.

STEP 2: In the Finder sidebar on your Mac select your iPhone.

STEP 3: At the top of your window, click on the General option.

STEP 4: Now, click on Restore iPhone.

How to erase data using Windows PC

STEP 1: In the iTunes app on a Windows PC, click on the iPhone button at the top left corner.

STEP 2: Next click on the Summary button.

STEP 3: Now finally choose the option “Restore iPhone”.


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