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10 Chrome Features for Students to Study Better

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The most widely used browser in the world is Google Chrome. The browser includes 10 Chrome Features for Students that can improve users’ productivity. Students who take classes online or who just use a computer to complete homework or other study-related tasks may find several Chrome features to be very helpful. Here are ten ways that Chrome can assist students in completing their assignments in the classroom or at home:

10 Chrome Features for Students to Study Better

Chrome can be used to study, whether you’re just getting back into the swing of things or the school year is already halfway through.

Here are ten ways that Chrome can assist students in completing their assignments in the classroom or at home:

1. Turn on Live Caption

Need to watch a video for history class, but you don’t have headphones and are in a noisy study hall. To automatically create captions for audio-only media in real time, use Live Caption on Chrome. It functions with several types of content, including podcasts, embedded video players, and social and video websites. Additionally, it can make content accessible for those who are hard of hearing, deaf, or who need to read while they listen.

2. Organize projects with Chrome’s tab groups

Tab groups are meant to aid if you frequently end up with so many open tabs that you can’t keep track of them. Sort open tabs for your projects or classes into groups to keep the mayhem under control. conducting study for a paper? When you’re working on other things, you can gather all the tabs you’re referring to together before clicking the group’s name to collapse it.

3. Open accidentally closed tabs

We’ve all been there: you find the ideal website for your marine biology study topic, but you unintentionally close the tab amid a sea of sources. Chrome is on your side. To open the most recently closed tab again, press Control/Command + Shift + T. You may also look through your history to see every site you’ve visited recently.

4. Review your security settings

Chrome’s security measures can protect your machine in the event that you accidentally visit a potentially harmful website or come across a malicious file while browsing the web. Do you need more credit? To activate extra security barriers against malware and phishing, enable advanced protection.

5. Sync across your devices

Your bookmarks, passwords, and other settings can be simply synced whether you’re using a laptop or a phone. While you wait for track practise to begin, finish reading the article you started in class earlier that day or review some Spanish vocabulary words on your phone. You always have the option to disable sync or specify what should be synced in your settings.

6. Right-click to search highlighted text

In Chrome, you can highlight text and right-click to instantly search it, which is another useful shortcut. Having trouble understanding the definition of “hyperbolic” in a lengthy text? Don’t have the equation on hand but have instructions to “apply the quadratic formula to solve”? When you pick “Search [provider] for [text]” from the context menu after selecting the text to be highlighted, a new tab will open with a pre-filled search for the selected text.

7. Use the Chrome address bar for answers

Within the Chrome address bar, you can conduct conversions, basic question and answer answers, and math puzzles. Chrome will provide solutions without requiring you to even press the Enter key.

8. Use Chrome Actions to create Docs, Sheets or more

You can quickly create new Docs, Sheets, and more using Chrome Actions by typing “Create Google Doc” into the URL bar.

9. Use Chrome extensions

There is probably a Chrome extension to make your life simpler, whether you need assistance taking notes, a better way to work with classmates, or a little assistance with a challenging math problem. A list of our suggestions can be found in the Chrome Web Store.

10. Let Chrome manage your passwords

Remembering all of your usernames and passwords might be a nuisance because there is a never-ending list of online tools, websites, and apps that are necessary for education. To assist, Google Password Manager is integrated into Chrome and creates strong, one-of-a-kind passwords across platforms while saving your login details. Additionally, if you use Chrome as your autofill provider, you may now create passwords for iOS apps.


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